It’s Spring Break! Which means I am catching up on homework, retouching, projects, ideas, emails, submissions and a little bit more sleep than usual! It pretty much just hit me that I will be graduating in only a couple short months! And I must admit I’m a little bit overwhelmed and scared. But it’s always been a rule of mine to do the things that scare me the most. So I’m excited to see where this next chapter in my life will take me.

I haven’t really shared with anyone the other work I do. I come from a fine art background. Any art form I could get my hands on as a child was the one for me. But since beginning college I have primarily focused on photography and now painting and drawing is just a distant hobby.  Which really saddens me. This semester I took an elective, Graphic Design for Photography Majors since I have always been interested in all other artistic mediums. At first I was a little hesitant but I have fallen in love with graphic design and typography. This class is a whole new outlet for me. I am able to work in different mediums and channel apart of my brain I have shut out for too many years. For our most recent project we had to design a magazine layout and put together a 4 page layout within our own grid. I ended up with a 5 page spread incorporating text with a lipstick beauty editorial I photographed last December. I think I’d really enjoy doing something like this for a living.

Well, I should get back to being productive!

xo, JA