I want to share with you all a little business secret to being successful in whatever chosen field it may be in, (especially the creative ones.) Okay, are you ready for this!? It’s really simple. All you have to do is…. STAY BUSY, (or at least pretend like you are.) No, I am seriously not kidding. It has been a proven fact (by me and some friends) that whenever you are the busiest, new business opportunities will come a knocking. So, if your to do lists are not a mile long or you have a week before you need to move all your belongs out of your apartment and into your car and you need to book an amazing client, my best advice to you is to fake like you are busy. And the best way to do this is to- plan a vacation. Plan to take a week or two off. And do not just plan; do actually go through with all the arrangements. Book your flight, stay at the most luxurious hotels, and plan to over indulge yourself with a spa day. And if at all possible, do this all and make sure the payments are non refundable. You are sure to get a phone call the night before or right before leaving your house, bags in hand. The more money you have invested in this theory, the larger the job will be. This of course works the same when it comes to actually being busy. The less time you have within your schedule matched with a high stress level is a sure fire way to book some pretty incredible jobs. Scouts Honor! 😉

xo, JA