Trucking out during sunset, shooting only natural light on a shoreline is something I am definitely not accustom too. I’ve never been to a Chicago beach before and I suppose that is very bizarre growing up here all of my life. Perhaps, I’m just not one for laying around half naked next to thousands of other people baking in the sun. Or perhaps I just know a little too much about Lake Michigan after a Chicago History course I took. Regardless I was all for making my way to the shore line for this shoot! The weather was just perfect; The sky filled with the perfect amount of clouds and the Chicago breeze keeping us all cool. I knew from the start that I was playing with a concept that has been done over thousands of times and could get very cliche very quickly. But pushing my boundaries and my thought process is what I have been about a lot lately. I am in love with the outcome.

Model: Gemma with Ignite Models, MN
Photography/Post: Jennifer Avello
Hair: Angie Prieto
Make Up: Kat DeJesus
Assistant/BTS Photos: Gilbert Africa

xx, JA