2011 have came and went faster then I could have ever imagine. I honestly can barely remember the time between months and its even harder for me to pick out specific moment to expand on. I keep merging certain events from 2010 with 2011 and its all really a blur to me. Luckily I tend to write a lot of things down.

In retrospect, 2011 has been pretty good to me. Twenty Eleven has been the most important year for me and my career. I really began to sit down, focus, and work harder then I ever have before. I completely recreated myself, my branding, and my photography portfolio from the ground up. I worked outside of my normal comfort zones and constantly pushed boundaries and ideas until I created the work I knew I was always capable of but never knew how to accomplish. I met and worked with so many amazing people and cannot believe all the talented and beautiful individuals I have had the opportunity to get to know, form friendships with, and create amazing art with. Through College, I have found myself and my style of photography, perfected my skill level and technical knowledge, and never stopped experimenting. I finished my last year with honors and graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BFA in photography. The last 6 months, since being a college graduate has been especially exhilarating and has really made me excite for the next year to come. I have really focused on my freelance photography business, specializing in Fashion, Beauty, Commercial, and Portraiture. I have gained many amazing clients this year internationally and hope to only expand and create more connections throughout 2012. I have been published and featured in handfuls of magazines, web zines, websites, and interviews. Including having ten of my photographs chosen and featured on PhotoVogue’s permanent photography collection on Vogue.IT

I really think 2011, has been a life changing year as far as my photography goes. I spent a lot of time, energy and money producing personal and commercial work that has helped me build a nice solid body of work. Which has also helped shape my work ethic and firm belief in quality images. 2011 has brought a lot of new faces and friendships into my life. I am grateful for the support systems, the encouraging words, and the constructive criticism. I’ve learned a lot as far as business goes, even if it was the hard way and now I am stronger than ever.

To my amazing supportive parents, that always bring be back down to sanity and encourage me to stick with this career even when I am on the verge of breaking, to my soul mate and fiance who puts up with me and continues to stand by my side through the long nights and stressful days and to all my friends, colleagues, fans, followers, and anyone reading this, Thank you for your continue support and all your feedback, comments, emails and encouraging words. You all have shaped who I am today and the work I produce and continue to help me move forward.

Here is to 2012 – A productive year to come. Focusing on creating, networking, marketing, inspiring, and traveling. I will continue to keep learning, growing, experimenting, and expanding my knowledge. Here’s to surrounding myself with a creative community, eliminating the doubtful and surrounding myself with more people who are going to lift me higher. Here’s to dreaming big and not letting dreams just be dreams. Here’s to continuing to do the things that scare me the most and stop saying “I wish,” and just do.

Have a wonderful new year!
xo, JA