Have you met my kitten, Rori? She’s a fashion cat model. See how she moves to effortlessly? Models take note!

In all seriousness, my kitten is too cute and spunky not to photograph. She could definitely be posing for billboards, don’t you think? 😉 I feel as if my pets are my children and second child syndrome has kicked in.. where you no longer are infatuated by every little thing that you needed to document every stage of their life through photographs. I use to photograph my dog, Harley ever chance I got, (as he was my first dog ever!) Rori on the other hand, has only had one “real” photograph taken with my DSLR when I first got her. The rest are small cell phone pictures. In other words, I felt like a studio shoot was much needed. Rori just turned 6 months a few weeks ago. And here is us playing around on set after a client shoot earlier this week..

Close ups:

xo, JA