I’m so excited for my Women’s Health Deutschland holiday feature out in their December 2015 issue!

Girl holding a box with a bow in Women's Health Germany

Women's Health Germany, Gift Article

As I prepare for the first snow fall of the season, I am reminded that there are only a few more short weeks until the end of the year. Somewhere between all the books I’ve been reading, all the miles I’ve been traveling, all the illnesses I’ve been fighting and all the days and nights I cannot sleep; the seasons have changed blindly, in front of me. With the holidays vastly approaching, there is still so much to be done; work to be retouched, projects to be (started and) completed, and thank you notes to be sent. I’ve been trying to take more breaks lately, breathe more deeply, feel more experiences – celebrate each milestone. Always live for the journey, not the destination.

Women's Health Deutschland December 2015 Cover

Women’s Health Deutschland, Dec 2015
Photographer: Jennifer Avello
Talent: Taylor, Ford Models
Creative Director: D. Graham Kostic
Stylist: Elizabeth Margulis
Make up: Chrisondra Boyd, Ford Artists
Hair: Heather Schnell, Ford Artists
Prop Stylist: Amy DiTomasso, Factor Artists
Photo Assistant: Christopher Free
Assistants: Anthony Mugnolo and Thereasa Poborsky