As a photographer, (and possible amateur hoarder) it’s terribly hard to limit yourself to a group of images in your portfolio when you are constantly shooting, growing, working (and wanting to market yourself) to so many separate markets and clients! I try to stay focus but still offer a little something for everyone…but sometimes you need to step back, let your images do the talking and realize that in fact, sometimes less is more.

I wanted to move some of my images over to the blog portion of my site to show off some projects I have been working on. Here are a small collection of some tests I have done recently. More to come in future posts!

Jarrod with Agency Galatea by Jennifer Avello
Hair/Make Up: Iris Guevara, Styling: Marta Cebrat
Photographer Assistant: Velizar Ionikov, Styling Assistant: Clarissa Pierre

Katia with Factor Women by Jennifer Avello
Hair and Make up by Kerre Berry with Chicago Emerging Artists, Styling by Ella G Ber
Assistant: Annie Avello

Alison Bengtson and Kayla Bengtson with Vision Models, MN by Jennifer Avello
Make up and Hair: Andrea Samuels, Styling: Marta Cebrat

Taylor White with Factor Women by Jennifer Avello
Styling: Marta Cebrat-Czernik, Make Up: Kat DeJesus, Hair: Yolanda Trejo
Assistant: Mathew Stephen

Cassy with Factor Women by Jennifer Avello
Hair/Make Up: Alexis Ginn with Chicago Emerging Artists, Styling: Samantha Pletzke with Chicago Emerging Artists
Assistant: Annie Avello