I’m writing this list for all of you, mostly as a reminder to myself. Its amazing the things you can learn when you stop to listen to your unconscious self and take your own damn advice.

    The things I’ve learned through experience or from other people:

Do the things that scare you the most.
– Never let anyone dictate your own future.
– Love yourself before you expect anyone else to.
– Never compare yourself and your journey to someone else. You have no idea what their story is.
Your dreams have to be bigger than your fears.
– You write your own story.
– Make yourself unavailable and the jobs will come rolling in.
– Surround yourself with people who will lift you higher.
– If you are the smartest, most talented or most successful person in the room, find another room.
– Never settle.
– Work hard, Stay humble.
– If someone is giving you advice, listen. They are speaking through experience or they are just talking to themselves, through you.
Which reminds me, Take your own advice.
– Have a passion and never let that passion die.
Fake it until you make it.
– Always be professional, you never know who you are standing next to on the train.
– Education is important but it is not always found through school. Educate yourself.
Open yourself up to failure.
– Stand for something or your fall for everything.
Don’t let your dreams always be dreams.
– Constructive criticism is more useful than praise.
– Do the things you love and do them often.
The best things in life are free. The second best are really expensive.
– There are no original ideas.
– There will always be someone better than you and worse than you.
– Strive to only be better than you were yesterday.
– Some people are only meant to be in your lives for a short time. It’s okay.
– Invest in yourself. Invest in your future.
When possible, save your money.
– Never go food shopping hungry.
– Set goals and work towards them.
– Always move forward.
– You have to spend money to make money. But be logical and smart with your spending.
– Today is yesterdays tomorrow.
– There is a lot more to being successful then money.
– Exercise your mind and body.
Some opportunities only come once, seize them.
– Don’t wait around for inspiration. Get up and get to work.
– Don’t be afraid to try new things. Amazing things can happen through the process.
– Its okay to not be the best at everything. That is why there are specialists. Hire them.
– Never apologies for how you feel.
Live your life. Most people just exist.
– There is nothing worse than wasted talent.
– The quietest people have the loudest minds.
– It’s okay to be vulnerable.
If you don’t like something, change it!
– Take nothing for granted.
– Build lasting relationships with people.
Go! Get! Take! Demand! No ones coming to find you, make them see you!!

Whats your manifesto? What inspires and pushes you when you need it the most? I’d love for you to expand on my list, or make your own list and share your inspiring story with me.