I am very excited to share with you all my cover of last weeks Chicago Sun-times: Splash featuring Zach Braff!


Zach Braff is currently performing on Broadway, and for a time he starred in the TV comedy Scrubs. In theaters yesterday, Braff also directs and stars in his latest film, “Wish I Was Here,” which he co-wrote with his older Brother, Adam and funded by Kickstarter. It’s the first feature film Braff has directed since 2004’s Garden State.

Zach-Braff_by_Chicago-Portrait-Photographer_Jennifer-Avello_for_Suntimes-Splash-Mag_3 Zach-Braff_by_Chicago-Portrait-Photographer_Jennifer-Avello_for_Suntimes-Splash-MagZach-Braff_by_Chicago-Portrait-Photographer_Jennifer-Avello_for_Suntimes-Splash-Mag_2

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Photographer: Jennifer Avello
Talent: Zach Braff


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